Why build Energimolnet?

Welcome to the Energimolnet blog! This is where we’ll talk about the electricity industry in and around Sweden, developer topics that will be of interest to people working with Energimolnet’s data, how the service was developed and anything else that our audience will be interested in.

We thought we should make the first of our blog posts an introduction to why we built Energimolnet in the first place. The shortest answer is that we needed it.

We began building what became Energimolnet to support the mobile applications we sell to the energy industry in Sweden. We quickly recognised that the hardest part of working within the field was getting access to and understanding all of the quirks of how energy data flows throughout the industry; the formats it is transferred in and the legal and regulatory complexities surrounding the data. We don’t want anyone else to struggle with these problems. For instance, a hobby iPhone/Android app developer shouldn’t have to learn the industry to create an app which displays their own energy consumption whilst a company developing a complex facility management system shouldn’t rely upon their customers to import their own data in to the system monthly from excel files.

We believe that with Energimolnet we’ve eased the load for software developers; increased the possibilities for exciting products targeting energy consumers; and taken some of the pressure off energy companies.


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