Where is the data?

When using Energimolnet’s API you will eventually experience that some values are missing. This is something every grid company deals with every day. One might think: How hard can it be? We agree with that thought!

But the reality is that data is missing every now and then. There are endless explanations as to why, but I’ll save you that information for now. Instead I want to explain how we deal with it and how that effects you as a developer.

If you get a value – it is correct

Our golden rule is: We only give you accurate values. You will never have to worry about incorrect values.

We provide three types of values: monthly, daily and hourly. In the ideal world the sum some 24 hour values always equal 1 day value. However, sometimes one hour value is missing and then we cannot aggregate them into a day value. That would not be accurate. Nor can we aggregate them to a month value.

So only relying on hourly volumes to aggregate a day or month value is not a good strategy. Therefore we import parallel feeds of day and month values from the energy company. This means that if one hour is missing, a parallel feed can provide data for the corresponding day or month value. The strategy give you the best data availability possible, regardless of missing underlying values.

If data is missing, try again

Usually Energimolnet can provide data the day after. But this is not a 100% truth. We rely on data from the energy companies. And there are some rules that they have to follow, these are stipulated by the government.

The regulation says that the energy company must have an accurate value within 5 business days. So month value can be expected the 5-7th day in a month. For hourly and daily values it is after 5-7 days.

I wish I could say that all energy companies comply with the regulation, but I can’t. Some companies cannot provide accurate data until the 11th in a month.

Important! Some meters are only measured by the month, and there for you cannot expect hourly or daily values. However, we try hard to make hourly volumes available for everyone.

That’s it

That’s it for now. If anything is unclear, don’t hestiate to contact me at luttkens@playbackenergy.se